A web based platform for
professional hybrid conferences

Tailored digital and hybrid conference solutions. This allows both presenters and participants to attend conferences physically or digitally:
Web based platform
A complete, web based platform for better and more engaging digital conferences
Interaction – All in one place
Live chat, question polls, presentations and other desired content on the same site as the live stream
Professional production
Professional production of video / audio from speakers in a large, infection-proof room that complies with government guidelines
Record for later use
Recording and editing of conferences for later consumption, e.g presenting it on your own website
Virtual mingling rooms and exhibitions
Participants can mingle together or explore virtual environments created in Mozilla Hubs
Posting and upvoting audience questions
Increasing audience interaction by enabling upvoting of questions that can be answered by the presenter.
1-on-1 video chat
Video chat with like-minded participants and presenters.
Emoji responses
The participants can react with emoji’s to express themselves during the event.

Host your own
hybrid conference.

Our professional production team can help you create a sustainable event locally in Norway.
In the future also globally.


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