A digital toolbox for urban agriculture activities

Inspire To Action explores the interface between biology and technology to translate this into engaging user experiences for ordinary people who do not have expertise in biology or other complex topics in sustainability.

In the research project Cultivating Public Space at NMBU, they research how participating in urban agriculture improves quality of life. In this project, we create a cultivation app that will be a digital toolbox for the urban farmer, with a view to irrigation and fertilization and other engaging interactions with your cultivation project.

With the Grow app project, we have built knowledge and technology that has given us increased competence to do other similar projects. As of today, the Grow app is not a product that can be purchased from us. The Grow app is an example of one of the exciting projects we are constantly developing.

Skogluft and
the digital gardner

The Grow app is one of several important reasons why we have entered the collaboration with Skogluft. Skogluft provides a living wall system that effortlessly brings nature into homes and offices. The product is based on scientifically verified benefits of being in a lush, green environment.

Inspire To Action and Skogluft are collaborating to develop
“The digital gardner”, a digital solution primarily helping users install and maintain the plants in the green wall, allowing the connection with various sensor based technology further securing the success of the end user, as well as creating a marketplace for connected services.